Donate to CityLife


CityLife is committed to welcoming our participants regardless of their financial situation.  In order to do this, we rely on contributions from friends and colleagues.  Please consider donating today.  There are two options to make your donation.


CityLife is a nonprofit organization.  Our 501(c)3 standing comes through Grand Performances, which acts as our Fiscal Agent.  If you wish to receive a tax deduction, you must donate by check payable to Grand Performances, and write “For CityLife” on the memo line.  Then mail it to CityLife, PO Box 712574, Los Angeles, CA 90071-7574.

If you do not need or want the tax deduction, you can donate by check or credit card. For credit card, we will take your info over the phone. Please call us at 213-955-5932. For donation by check, please make check payable to CityLife and send to the above address.

Have questions?  Call us or email to  And many thanks for your support of our program.


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